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A New Woman: Self Image, Vision Casting and Recreating Yourself

With 2022 around the corner, how can women take practical steps in becoming the best version of themselves - once and for all?

It's that time of the year when all the ladies are thinking about indulging in the holiday season...well, as much as is possible in the midst of a global pandemic. Not to mention, the time of year when our waistlines expand slightly after two - or three - helpings of food at the hands of friends, a significant other, or family.

It's also that time of year when the ladies start to subconsciously reflect on the year 2021, with all it's wins and losses, ups and downs, high points and low points. And, it's the time of year our minds begin to wander towards the endless possibility of next year.

On that note, can we have an extra helping of that ice cream? Thank you!

Getting Back Onto the TMS streets

After a much-needed break, your favourite sisters Courtney and Renee are back with a vengeance. We've left you high and dry in the podcast and wellbeing streets, in order to focus on the various changes occurring in our own lives.

That included the ups, such as moving into our dream apartment together - to the downs, which included the most recent Covid-19 variant making its insidious way into TMS HQ. Not to mention, several pertinent career and life changes that we delve more deeply into, in the podcast. We have changed, grown, developed, and have embraced the deep set changes as they have rolled, back-to-back, into the very thick of our lives.

Needless to say, we have certainly missed catching up with the girls.

In the midst of such transformative time, one of our latest commitments? To ensure you have a bank of diversified resources to engage with, across all of our platforms. To that end, welcome to the official TMS blog!

Affirmations Are Holding You Back

Who doesn't love a good affirmation? There's something liberating about looking yourself dead in the eye, and decreeing yourself to be the smartest, the coolest, the sexiest human being ever to have lived.

But when you focus entirely on affirmations, you forget about the practicality around vision casting. You must marry the words, with action.

Think of affirmations like fuel. Without a car to fill, fuel has no place to go. Your actions and daily activities are the car. You need both to get to your destination.

Who Do You Want to Be?

When we cast our visions, we naturally tend towards creating a shopping list of things we want and desire. We so rarely focus on who we want to be, and yet, the who is key to the sustenance of what we desire.

It is not enough to want the millions, if you do not see yourself as a millionaire. It is not enough to want the smoking hot body, if you don't envision yourself as the occupier of the body. It is not enough to want the thriving relationships, if you don't envision yourself as healthy and in the process of healing.

Ask yourself this question: who do you envision yourself to be in 2022?

Operationalising Your Vision Of You

Operationalising your vision involves making your vision practical - creating tangible steps that will allow you to move closer and closer, to what you envision yourself to become, and attain. You need to write down the vision, make it plain, and then? Run with it.

In the latest podcast episode, we delve deep into the importance of clocking in hours and building up your receipts - in essence, building up the evidence/ track record of you taking action towards your goals.

If you have a vision of yourself that involves you becoming smarter, more articulate and generally more knowledgeable, you need to break that down into something that is operational. That might involve committing to reading more challenging books over time, or consuming content that challenges you (there's a great little podcast you can check out for that by the way, it's called To My Sisters).

Ask yourself this question: What can I do on a daily basis, to move closer to the vision of myself that I articulated?


Vision casting can seem hard, but it needn't be. As long as you have these points in mind sis, you'll be all good to go. As you ponder on these deep things, don't forget to rest and recuperate over the holiday season.

And eat desserts. Plenty of them. Mmm...

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I'm so ready for this blog!!


Dec 21, 2021

This is such a powerful blog and podcast and very confrontational.. but much neede. thank you!


Dec 20, 2021

This is amazing. Thank you sisters!

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