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Things the Ladies are Leaving in 2021: Once and For All

Say goodbye to operating in fear, red pill content and the manosphere!

Ah, the end of 2021.

Finally ladies, we can all breathe easy. The ups and downs inflicted by the onslaught of a global pandemic in it's 2nd - wait 3rd - year is coming to a close. It's the time of year where, post the Christmas merriment, we actively reflect on our past few months and feel hopeful about the year to come. The time where we sit with our vision boards, journals, books, and dare to dream once again.

In our latest episode, a Christmas special at TMS HQ, we decided to do a different kind of episode. We spoke about the things you need to leave in 2021, in order to get a head start to 2022. As difficult as it can be to think about the new, it'll mean nothing if we don't address the old. Reflection is key to success after all.

Sis...are you ready to have the difficult conversation with us?

Yes? Brilliant.

Without further ado...let's dig in.

We're Letting Go of...Toxic Relationships.

The toxic train is at its last stop, and all passengers must change here. We're getting off.

Some of us are still entertaining our emotionally unavailable and/or problematic ex-partner for validation (cough - physically as well as emotionally). Some of us are fanning the flames of family trauma and encouraging confrontation with our parents for no other reason than vengeance and unhealed pain. Others are allowing ourselves to be governed by lawless so-called 'friends' into spending our inheritance on half-baked nights out, flimsy clothes and the so-and-so takeaway.

Relationships are the bedrock of the human experience. It is as vital to invest in your personal relationships as it is to invest in your financial and personal wellbeing.

Now, letting go of toxic relationships may not be a clean cut-off (aside from the ex - girl, say goodbye!) It may actually end up being a little bit more complicated than that. It may be harder to cut off your parents - you might have to instead, focus on reaching out to them over a sustained period of time, to rebuild your relationship. You may need to articulate new boundaries to your carefree friend to salvage your relationship. Whatever the action might be, try, as much as you can, to drain your relationships of their leaking toxic taps.

We're Letting Go of...Red Pill Content.

The rise of the manosphere adjacent to the femininity coaches has been a phenomenon to all. Perhaps, as a result of the ample amount of time spent at home, as a result of the global pandemic, the flames of Intel behaviour and misogyny have risen to the surface in unprecedented levels.

Red pill content has, for many months, been the thin veil with which online actors mask their overwhelmingly unhealed trauma and misogyny. Under the guise of 'holding women accountable', 'humbling women' and men 'teaching women to be better women', various platforms have used these rouses to insult, intimidate and bully women into their socially 'inferior and domesticated' roles.

It's time to let it go.

Content is content. But if you are consistently consuming content which solely seeks to destroy you, warp your sense of self and coerce you into becoming a vision so far from have to put the entire case inside the garbage.


We're Letting Go of...Letting Fear Control You

It's one thing to be afraid. It's entirely another thing to allow fear to control you.

Be afraid, and do the thing anyway. The biggest indicator as to whether fear has you in its clutches, is when you are no longer able to operate or act, because you are afraid.

Many of us have found ourselves ensnared in our own personal fears, to the extent that we are chronically unable to move. We have bound ourselves into becoming our own worst enemy and greatest threat.

You have got to work on overriding everything that paralyses you. In 2022, all the sisters aren't just glowing and growing. We're going. So get going.


Here's to another year of getting closer to the person of your dreams.

2022 awaits us!

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Tiyawni Byfield
Tiyawni Byfield
28 Ara 2021

So ready to do the hard things, to be who i'm destined to be.


27 Ara 2021

Thanks sisters! No more starting over and over...we're going!!

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