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Vision '22 Digital Toolkit

Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.

About the Vision 22 Digital Toolkit

The Vision '22 Digital Toolkit has been created to help women from across the world, create a practical and tangible vision plan for their future in 2022 and beyond. Created by the founders of the To My Sisters online community, we'll be delving deep in matters of the mind, body and soul. This Toolkit is intended as a general framework to assist you with setting up tangible, realistic and achievable goals as you work towards your vision of yourself this year. This programme contains an E-Book, Workbook and 6 Video Guides taking you through 6 key segments to creating your vision: Segment 1: Being a Visionary - The Core Principles of Vision Casting Segment 2: Starting With Me - Navigating your Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Health Segment 3: Optimising Your Vessel - Taking Care of Your Physical Wellbeing Segment 4: Cultivating Your Circle - Creating and Sustaining Meaningful Relationships Segment 5: Money Talks - Securing the Bag and Managing Your Finances Segment 6: Climbing the Career Ladder - How to Create Your Dream Career




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