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our mission

Primarily focused on personal development, wellness, and fostering positive female relationships, To My Sisters is unique in its kind by offering women the space for holistic wellness, growth and healing. From dealing with past trauma to setting up your next business venture, TMS is the one-stop destination for women looking to break the boundaries of what is seen as possible in our time.

our vision

We see TMS as a space and opportunity to develop the next generation of female leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs, creators and more - as well as creating the defining community for women in our decade. We envision the growth of insitutions, movements, and communities within our community, all through facillitating sisterhood and the power of friendship as a tool for such wide-scale systems change.


We see a world for women, by women.

Renee Kapuku and Courtney Daniella Boateng

our purpose

At heart, To My Sisters is the fast-growing digital sisterhood founded to help women across the world draw from the community to manifest their greatest ambitions. Initially founded in 2020 as a podcast, the global sisterhood grew from a few hundred listeners to hundreds of thousands of women dedicated to growing and glowing together.  


Renée Kapuku

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Courtney Daniella Boateng

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about us

Courtney Daniella Boateng and Renee Kapuku are two women on a mission - to see women win. Both phenomenal figures in their own right, Courtney and Renee met in secondary school, whilst both pursuing their applications to university. In 2015, Courtney and Renee were the first from their state schools, and their families, to attend Cambridge and Oxford University. Courtney went on to graduate and become a distinguished content creator, beauty entrepreneur with her own business, CDB London. Renee went on to fulfil her master’s degree at Harvard Graduate school of Education, before returning to the UK to pursue entrepreneurship in the education space and content creation. 


During this period, it occurred to Courtney to act on a burden she felt - a burden carried by women who did not have the same foundational sistership the two shared. After sharing her idea with Renee, the two collaborated and co-hosted the first TMS podcast. The first episode received phenomenal feedback, with over 1,000 downloads within the first week. By the end of the month, the podcast was averaging 25,000 downloads a month. 


Now, TMS is a truly global community of young, enterprising women with a mandate to change their lives. Through live events, retreats, resources, productions, and more, TMS has one mission - to inspire 1 million women across the globe to grow and glow together. 


We hope you join in and support us on our mission.

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